Choosing a good quality invisible bra for your body

There are many bras, and it is a good choice to use an invisible bra for an off-the-shoulder or open back. So is it good to use an invisible bra?

Invisible bra is a functional bra that is very close to the color and texture of the skin. Because the invisible bra has no shoulder straps and straps, it is directly attached to the skin. You don't have to worry about the straps slipping out quietly, so when you get to the summer, you will be favored by many women.

Often said silicone bra, there may be many women who are not very well understood. It replaces the old-fashioned steel ring bra with a silicone ring holder, which makes women feel more comfortable and more convenient to wear. The material of the silica gel is a high-adsorption material. The color of the silica gel is white and transparent. It is an amorphous substance, insoluble in water and other substances, has no odor, and is chemically stable. Does not react with other substances except strong alkali hydrogen peroxide.

Silicone does not cause harm to the human body at all. It seems that the silicone bra is harmless to the human body, so you can use it with confidence.

Actually, the silicone bra is good or not, mainly depends on how to buy, as long as you buy the right one, you will wear it comfortably and fashion.

Need a silicone bra to match the clothing

How to choose a good invisible bra?

1, According to the material and color of silicone :

To judge the quality of the invisible bra, the material and color of the silicone are very important. At present, inferior invisible bras on the market often use recycled industrial waste silica gel materials. The silicone bras produced contain a lot of toxic impurities, the cups are easily deformed, and the colors are dark and the color is different. The good quality invisible bras are generally of high quality. The bio-environmental silica gel has high purity, good gas permeability, non-toxic and tasteless, the color is naturally close to the skin, and the color is bright and even.

2, According to the fabric of the bra:

The fabrics of invisible bras are now generally available in the following categories: regular fabrics, Lycra and pure-faced fabrics. Ordinary fabrics are generally very thin, so the entire bra is very light to wear, but the disadvantages are poor breathability, poor comfort, and poor durability. Although the material of the Lycra fabric is slightly thicker, the elasticity of the entire cup is relatively sufficient, and the disadvantage is that the permeability is slightly poor. Compared with the first two fabrics, the cotton fabric is more comfortable and soft, more breathable, and smooth, but not as elastic as Lycra.

3, According to the design details of the bra:

We know that one of the most important functions of the invisible bra is the fullness of the chest. Therefore, the invisible bra of good quality will generally adopt the deep V and the upper and lower thick design, which can fit the chest more when worn, and achieve better gathering effect. Besides, to enhance the breathability of the bra, a good invisible bra will have a honeycomb venting hole inside to prevent the chest from being hot and humid and drier. Finally, to create better care for the nipple focus, a good invisible bra will not be glued around the focus or a small-cap to protect the focus, feeling safer and more comfortable.

How to wash the invisible bra?

The invisible bra is different from the ordinary bra, so it is different in terms of wearing and cleaning. How does the invisible bra wash?

  1. After using the invisible bra, you must wash each side of it with warm water and a little soap. The nail should not be used during cleaning to avoid rupture of the adhesive.
  2. Do not use a washing machine or brush and any cleaning agent to avoid permanent damage to the glue. After washing, please remove too much water and put it on the original tray to dry. Cover the lid after air drying to prevent dust from adhering. Gently pull it away when placing the invisible bra. Too many cleanings will reduce stickiness, so is enough to simply clean the cup and dry by the air

The cleaning of invisible underwear must pay attention to the above two points, which can extend its life.

How to wash the invisible bra?

Pay attention

Invisible bras should not be used for more than 6 hours. Because the silicone material of the invisible bra is relatively dense, there is no cotton material to breathe, and it takes a long time to wear the skin.