As the fashion weeks of major brands end in succession, fashion designers of major fashion brands have demonstrated their understanding and attitude towards fashion. After watching these fashion shows, I believe that you will appreciate the style of the designer and the overall fashion trend. Have a relatively preliminary understanding of the perception. You can choose popular elements according to these well-known fashion designs, and purchase or compare spring and summer clothing in 2020. If you don't have that much budget to buy these expensive clothes, you can choose clothes with elements of this year's fashion, these clothes can also follow the trend.



In the fashion trend of clothing color in 2020, fluorine pink, deciduous yellow, purple, etc. appeared. Among them, yellow has shown its popularity on major fashion shows and become the main popular color this year. Various yellow-based colors such as orange and butter yellow have been used in the clothing, showing a lively, beautiful and modern fashion attitude this year. If you feel that the large area of yellow is too bright or exaggerated, you can choose accessories such as bags and belts designed by yellow elements. The striking neon color with strong visual impact seems to reappear in fashion, and the neon green design is also more prominent.

2. Handmade


This year's fashion has refocused on handmade, with embroidery and knitting always attracting attention. In fashion, the retro crochet design and ultra-modern dresses collide, showing the uniqueness and circulation of fashion. The crochet design includes both the retro feel of grandmother hand-knitting and the popularity of modern design, which is different from the cold feeling of modern machinery. The embroidery element seems to occupy a certain position on each fashion show, always making the clothing show a unique attitude and fashion.



There is still a shortage of cycling shorts in 2019, but now shorts have replaced it and become a hit on fashion shows. From Chanel, Hermès to Rag & Bone's fashion shows, there are models wearing shorts. You can choose different materials such as leather, satin or denim, and even knitted, spandex and other fabrics. The styles of shorts include fashion, leisure, business, vacation and other different styles, which can be adapted to different occasions. The design of Bermuda's suit shorts has received great attention, making the design of suits no longer only the design of trousers and skirts.

4.Sequins, silk, and satin

Sequins, silk, and satin

This shiny element also occupies an important place in this year's popular elements. These silk, sequin and satin-designed dresses or accessories will make you shine as if your body is shining, increasing confidence, even in the weak places have also become the focus of parties and parties. In addition, the curved bottom hem or oblique shoulder design can balance the visual saturation of these shiny elements to prevent the dress from taking away your light, and at the same time increase the fashion sense of the clothes, allowing you to go from the head to the shoulders, The feet exude charm.

5. Bra


As sports bras are worn rather than worn inside, these fashion designers have designed their bras for business, party, holiday, and entertainment this spring fashion show instead of traditional women's intimate underwear or bikinis. Makes the bra a part of feminism. These crocheted, printed, suite-style bra designs not only increase the diversity of clothing but also provide comfort that steel-rimmed bras cannot provide, and you only need to add a high-waisted skirt to have a perfect match.



Leather (of course, artificial leather) has always been a popular material. From shirts, dresses to jackets, shorts, there have been leather materials, but this year's fashion week has mainly changed the color of leather, highlighting the color leather popular trends, including blue, pink, neon green, orange, and other rich colors, add more color to the spring. Leather clothing has also been transformed from a tough style to a softer style, increasing the feminine tailoring of the clothing, enriching the use of leather, even if the whole body is wearing leather, it will not look monotonous and rigid.

7. Printing


Printing is also popular, but the style of printing has turned to the outdoors. Some brands use tropical rainforest printing, which seems to be inspired by climate change, and prints flowers, plants, and other plants as patterns on clothing; or it is inspired by the sunset at the seaside or a combination of fruit and vegetable patterns and logo patterns. The inspiration for these prints expresses the brand's attitude and thoughts on climate change. This year's popular natural-style printed clothing has increased the style and popularity of clothing, meeting the needs and use of people who do not like complex style tailoring, and avoiding dull clothing to reduce the dull feeling.