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Size Chart

How to find the right adhesive bra size?

  • For US buyers, go to chart 1.Find your regular bra size in the pink column, then you will see corresponding Niidor adhesive bra size in the purple column.
  • For UK buyers, go to chart 2.
  • For European buyers, go to chart 3.Please note: Adhesive bras are chosen by cup size, but no band size. Cup size like A, B, C, D, E, etc.
  • For buyers from other countries, you will just need to do some conversion. You can do the conversion based on US size. 


us size chart of niidor adhesive bras


uk size chart of niidor adhesive bras


European size chart of niidor adhesive bras


I will take an example of Australian buyers.  

1.I'm from Australia. My bra band size is 8, and my cup size is E.

2.Australia band 8 equals to US band 30, and Australia cup E equals to US cup E

3.My bra size in US is 30E.In chart 1, for 30E, I need to choose the adhesive bras sizing in DD.

If you are still confused about which size adhesive bra to get, please don't hesitate to email us at